Fall in love at Le Château de l’Amour, where the new owner is busy decorating and filling the rooms with wonderful details, while we eagerly wait for a tour. From cellar to double attic, this enormous structure has over thirty rooms on six levels. With hidden doors and secret staircases, Le Château de l'Amour is filled with surprises at every turn.

Over a year in the making, Le Château de l’Amour is one of the largest, tallest and heaviest structures in Mark Turpin's portfolio. Entirely handcrafted using birch plywood, solid pine and poplar, basswood, balsa, illustration board, acrylic windows, and numerous colors of paint, the château will be decorated and furnished by the collector. The interior was designed with convertible spaces that can be configured to accommodate from six to ten bedrooms in combination with five to seven bathrooms. Each suite of rooms has adjustable walls for flexible room sizing. Additional decorating options include ground floor arches and columns, and numerous staircases.

The entire structure was handcrafted and hand-painted, including handmade windows, doors and staircases. The decorative front columns were a gift from a miniature collector to the artist. The exterior faux stonework finish is comprised of ten colors and has many variations in its appearance under different lighting conditions, as shown below. Thousands of hand-cut tiles cover the rooftops and elongated pepper-pot roofs on the two towers. Forty-nine handmade windows bring light to the interior, which includes over 5,000 square inches of living space.

Dimensions: 44" wide, 28" deep, 67" high; 1:12 scale. Sold.

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