Wine Cellar was commissioned as a follow-up to Mark Turpin's Silver Shop. This is Mark's first double-sided roombox, viewable from front or back. Both sides have hinged mahogany frames to access the interior. Two pairs of rooms are divided in the middle to create four separate areas that blend together under one theme.

In keeping with the wine theme, the stacked staircases follow a corkscrew pattern downward from the narrow entrance hall, through a sitting room and down a few more steps to the dining room, where a secret door leads to the wine cellar below. This room setting is a study in contrasts, with elegant formal rooms above a rustic stone cellar. Phyllis Tucker produced the crystal chandeliers, and the collector assembled furnishings and accessories to complete the scene.

Constructed of birch plywood, basswood, fabric, paper, plaster, acrylic, and paint.
Dimensions: 18" wide, 18" deep, 24" high, with two 18x24 hinged frames. Sold.

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