Spring 2021

The walls are rising at Summerfield Estate, an upscale, three-story suburban American home with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus a soaring great room with fireplace and balcony. Dimensions: 54" wide, 52" deep, 42" high; 1:12 scale. Stay tuned for updates and a preview.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit Le Château de l’Amour. The new château has a finished exterior and an unfinished interior. Inspired by the glorious chateaux of the Loire Valley, Le Château de l'Amour is an innovative new design. From cellar to double attic, this enormous structure has over thirty rooms on six levels. With hidden doors and secret staircases, Le Château de l’Amour is filled with surprises at every turn.

Read more about the new château in External link opens in new tab or windowDollhouse Miniatures Magazine, Issue 80;

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