Birch Hill

We are pleased to present Birch Hill, ready to furnish as a small town house, country guest cottage, or a luxurious summer house. Dimensions: 24" wide, 19" deep, and 32" high. Constructed of solid pine, birch plywood, basswood, and maple, with a hand-painted faux stone and brick exterior. Five rooms include kitchen, dining room, parlor, bedroom and sitting room/bath. Asymmetrical steps lead from the garden area to the formal entrance on the first floor. A unique roof light brightens the second floor with its side balcony. The steps and terraces provide ideal areas for plants, flowers and seasonal color.

Birch Hill is wired for electricity. Walls, floors and ceilings are finished and move-in ready. The upper levels feature hand laid maple floors. The parlor includes a fireplace with mantle and built in bookcases on the side. All rooms are finished in a neutral white.

Available for purchase. Complimentary delivery and set up by the artist is available on the East Coast (United States).

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Following Birch Hill, we present Symphony, a decorative table lantern measuring 7" x 5" and 15" high on an 8x10 base, featuring a hand painted faux stone exterior. Sixty parallel interior mirrors reflect ever-changing LED lights creating a symphony of color. A sparkling background also reflects the light. The small interior is an ideal display space for a fine miniature musical instrument, such as a harp, or a chair with cello, music stand, etc. Scroll down to view the photos.



Currently in production. For more information, please email:

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