From the cherry stained floors and kitchen cabinets to the terra cotta tiles and pots of the rooftop garden, the details of Bridgeview echo the color of the Golden Gate Bridge and the glorious view of San Francisco Bay. To meet the client's wishes, the walls are neutral, the rooms prepared for her new furnishings.
For a contemporary room setting, the spaces are surprisingly warm and inviting. The split level rooms include living room with fireplace, kitchen/dining area, bedroom with skylight, and a large bathroom with oval tub and separate shower. We placed a large tiled balcony off the bedroom, and a terrace behind the living room and kitchen.
The rooftop garden area was designed with interconnected walkways of terra cotta tiles and wood planks, with a hot tub in one corner and space for a Zen garden in the other corner. We also included plenty of space for plants, a hammock, table and chairs. The garden is accessed from below via a sliding hatch cover.

Materials include birch plywood, poplar, basswood, paper, terra cotta, plastic, glass, acrylic and paint. Background Photo of San Francisco by Richard Turpin.
Overall Dimensions: 24"w x 18"d x 26"h. Sold.

Bridgeview was featured in the July 2007 issue of American Miniaturist magazine.

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