Welcome to Palisades...
...a dramatic new contemporary home inspired by the houses of Pacific Palisades, California, with panoramic ocean views from high above the beach.
Explore seven unique rooms on four levels. Rooms include living, dining, library, master bedroom/bath, kitchen, and office or guest bedroom/bath. Three fireplaces include a double fireplace shared by the living and dining rooms. A skylight tops the entrance hall. The living room ceiling is 18" tall, and two full-height corner window-walls slide open to welcome the ocean breezes.

Dimensions: 29.5" wide, 20" deep, 41" high; weight: 50 pounds; 1:12 scale. Over 1200 square inches of living space. Sold.

Read more about Palisades in the March/April 2019 issue of Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine, DHM 68.

Palisades is also featured in the March 2020 issue of Dolls House World Magazine, issue number 330.

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