Mark Turpin's Silver Shop was commissioned to display the client's collection of fine miniature silver created by artists including Pete Acquisto. Williamson Walton Marble produced a new table for the center of the room. The dark paneled room features a hand laid floor as well as glass shelves with down lighting and a midnight blue suede background to offset the silver pieces. The frame is antiqued silver leaf. The view through the window is an enlargement of a street scene in Oxford, England, photographed by Richard Turpin. The elegant crystal chandelier was created by Phyllis Tucker.

The three photographs on the bottom row show Silver Shop as furnished and decorated by the collector.
Construction: birch plywood, poplar, walnut stained basswood, paint, fabric, glass, acrylic. Overall dimensions: 24" wide, 18" deep, 20" high, with an 18x24 antiqued silver leaf frame. Sold.

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